The dolphin network

"The Dolphin Network - Holistic Therapies & More" is a guide for parents with disabled children.
Families with handicapped children will find competent and helpful support here - therapy and provider independent.

The Dolphin Network is a guide for families with disabled and dependent children and provides independent counseling on the child with a handicap from a single source.

In the search for suitable therapies, assistance with handicapped vehicles and many other topics, families with a disabled child often encounter many obstacles, long before the question of financing comes up.

The Delphin network has been available as a guide for more than 15 years, with parents, therapists, associations looking for competent answers to their questions, as well as an overview of the complex possibilities and possibilities of assistance.

- holistic therapies - handicapped vehicles

- Aids supply - Help with medical treatment errors - Traveling with disabilities

- Cure and rehabilitation clinics - Care / nursing care

In order for you to get a comprehensive picture - find out - use the offered services of the whole Team.

Our guiding principle:

Orientation at common cross-disciplinary goal - One loves what one is struggling for, and one struggles for what one loves.

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