Child poverty Germany

There are many children and adolescents living in bitter poverty. The talk is about the countless children and adolescents who lead their survival every day on the street. Street children torment hunger, disease and lack of security. Bitter poverty, violence and crime, that is the everyday life of street children. There are not only the biting hunger, cruel cold and illness that feed on the life force, but also the lack of love, understanding and security. Most of these children go to the streets because there is not even something to eat at home.



Over 3 million children and young people in Germany are affected by poverty and social exclusion (unknown darkness).

Although the economic situation in Germany has improved, children and young people under the age of 18 do not benefit from it.

The children and youth work is one
Sad result of labor market policy and
A result of social inequality.

According to Bertelsmann study:

Child poverty is becoming a permanent condition in Germany. The capital of child poverty is still Berlin. In no other German city are more poor children and young people living here. This is clear from a published study by the Bertelsmann Foundation.


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Despite the good economic situation in the past two years, hardly any change has been made to the child poverty in Germany. Regions in eastern and southern Germany, while in North Rhine-Westphalia and Rhineland-Palatinate the share of poor or poor children is increasing. Due to the strong immigration, children's poverty is likely to rise in the future.

According to German child protection federation e.V .:

Growing up in poverty is associated with serious consequences.

Poor children have poorer chances of a good education.

Poor children are more restricted in their physical and health development.

Poor children have poorer living conditions.

Poor children are largely excluded from socio-cultural participation and are more likely to have deficits in terms of their playing and working habits, their language competences, and their inclusion in social networks.

According to UNICEF:

Fight against child poverty

The middle place in the international ranking must not hide the fact that there are large differences in the relative child poverty within Germany. With a national agenda against child poverty, politics must step up their efforts to specifically support the most vulnerable families - and this is especially the case for single-parent families in Germany.

Working together against child poverty in Germany and Europe!


For the first time in Bünde, we have visited a refugee home or an accommodation for refugees.

To our astonishment it was families - women and children. Sad was the sight of the houses +++ Walls bare and dirty +++ Always 2 families in much too small living spaces accommodated. We were greeted very warmly by the refugee families. One saw in the eyes of the people +++ Despair and fear +++ A momma cried with joy +++ All thanked themselves for the donations in kind and food.

They are families who carry a piece of hope +++ Hope for a peaceful future for their children and families.

Sometimes the little things in life can make a big difference.


Minden – Lübbecke - Bünde

Age poverty - More and more German retirees are falling into homelessness.

The numbers of the homeless have grown massively in Germany. Also in the district of Minden - Lübbecke and Bünde + + + the homeless sit or lie, in the cold, on benches, home entrance, construction sites, station or under the bridges.

Homelessness +++ This destiny can hit every one of us +++ No work +++ No money +++ Debt +++ No housing +++ Homelessness.

More and more elderly people and families with children are affected by homelessness.

Homelessness is one of the worst things that can happen to us.

Unfortunately, not everyone of the homeless wanted to be photographed + + + for fear of losing the sleeping place, fear of the authorities or the police.

We asked for +++ Why have you been here since now and not in emergency accommodations?

Answer: No place full - many foreigners, there is only anger. They do not let us in, even here under the bridge we are driven out + + + they are the Romanians and foreigners.

What do you wish for the coming year?

Answer: We hope the winter is not so strong +++ A warm room, food and work +++ I'm too old, I want no more +++ less need for Germany +++ I'm hungry +++ Have you something for us +++ For 2 days nothing more eaten.

Thanks and Merry Christmas + + + come again


Small surprise, for children from socially weak families.

We continued on the way to Lübbecke and Bünde to give children from socially weak families a little joy.

Distribution of chocolate christmas men.

We asked the children for their Christmas wishes ???

Reply from a little girl:

We did not get anything else, my sister and I share a room and a bed for a long time. + + + The Christkind has already given us something +++ everyone has their own bed. A little boy brabed in between - a bike for my dad. Then all the children talked together: I want a doll and I a teddy. Another child called + + + we have no money.

Our aim is to help people who are in distress in order to prepare them a little joy in Advent and Christmas.

Christmas joy for all people

A small look, a word, a smile or a small gift, can give happiness and joy to people in emergency situations.

It is the encounters with people who make life worth living

(Quote from Guy de Maupassant)