Partnership -

Children's Aids I.C.H. & Shadow children e.V.

Dr. e.h. Dieter F. Kindermann
President of Childhood Help ICH e.V.

Childcare - International Children Help e.V. Stadthagen

The founding members and those in charge of the Kinderhilfswerk ICH e.V. have a common goal of alleviating the hardship of children all over the world, without regard for the person, skin color, origin and nationality.

An idea connects: the human being is in the foreground

The International Children Help e.V. Stadthagen provides fast and unbureaucratic help. They help without obligation and bear responsibility for children in crisis situations worldwide. Collective campaigns are being launched, pioneering work is being carried out and support is given to dignified projects. Humanitarian commitment - measures for the protection and care of children in need.

The Kinderhilfswerk I.C.H e.V. is committed to giving children a new life perspective worldwide.

Our common goal:

Cooperative work and partnership - a friendly active connection to the advancement and development of children.

Joint guiding principle:

Only those who move can achieve something. It's never too late to do the right thing.

"" United forces always show an effective success ""