Animal - assisted therapy - Project

Under the term "animal-assisted therapy", pedagogic, psychological influences are combined with the help of the miniature horse in children, adolescents and adults with various disabilities or disorders. The relationship between man and miniature horse provides a wonderful oasis for man to refuel, to come to himself and to develop further. Our small miniature horses work therapeutically in the health sector. Miniature horses are used in the care of children and adults with disabilities or with problems.

Years of research have shown that children, for example, have three times faster contact with animals than with humans. Children trust and learn to concentrate. Children see animals with fascination and are more open to animals than adults. They trust in an animal, show emotions and trust their deepest secrets to the animal. Miniature horses serve as a bridge between cooperation between humans and therapists. They help professionally and therapeutically solve internal blockages. The very high efficacy of animal-assisted therapy, especially in children, is scientifically proven.

Stress disturbances, overloading problems, self - esteem problems, grief, learning disabilities, developmental disorders, perceptual disturbances, speech disorders, disturbances of the fine - motor therapy fatigue and so on.

Dealing with miniature horses affects humans, soothing, stimulating, motivating, stress-relieving. Tensions are solved, fears are reduced, trust in life and emotional - social contacts are built up. It develops proximity, joy of life and self-confidence.

Happiness and heart warmth are the icebreakers in the animal-assisted therapy with American Miniature Hores

The implementation of the animal-assisted therapy is based on a free encounter, playful and informal atmosphere, moving and stimulating feelings, experiencing and experiencing impressions.

Emotional experience:

We do not help alone, but over the mind.