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On the basis of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and protective measures in favor of children.


  • The term "children's rights convention" is an abbreviation of the Convention on the Rights of the Child
    (Convention on the Rights of the Child, CRC) and is the most important international
    Human rights instruments for children.

Contracting States undertake to protect the child from all forms of sexual exploitation and sexual abuse. To this end, the Contracting States shall, in particular, take all appropriate domestic, bilateral and multilateral measures to prevent children from:

     A. Be entrapped or compelled to participate in unlawful sexual acts;

     B. For prostitution or other unlawful sexual practices;

     C. For pornographic performances and representations.

Sexual abuse is no accident, but always a planned intention.

A sexual abuse or violence against children and adolescents is a crime which is committed or enforced by a perpetrator on or before a child. Sexual assaults against children and adolescents happen in most cases by perpetrators in their own family, relatives, acquaintances or neighborhoods. Only rarely are the perpetrators unknown, usually close reference persons.

In children's homes, schools, kindergartens, sports and leisure groups, violence and sexual assaults also occur.

The verbal sexual violence on the Internet has increased in recent years. It is the distribution of child pornography material, sexual preference - exhibitionist acts in digital media.

Girls and boys are equally affected - children of all social classes and age groups, including babies and toddlers.

Children and adolescents develop individual responses according to their own personality and the strength of the abuse situation. Most children and adolescents who have been sexually abused feel guilty and worthless. They have a lack of self-confidence, they develop an impotence and helpless feeling towards the perpetrator. The experience of sexual abuse and violence can lead to a bond disorder, children and young people can only gain confidence in themselves and others. One of the worst traumatizing experiences is the betrayal of a trust person in their own family environment. Embarrassment, anxiety, compulsive behavior, self-hatred, disturbed behavior towards one's own sexuality and rejection of one's own ego are serious consequences of abuse experiences and violence.

Misuse of the only in secret takes place - a good friend of the family ............!

In the first attack, Susanne was 8 years old and mentally handicapped. Judgment and understanding of a four-year-old. For almost two years she was abused by a good friend of the family. My tormentor used cold-bloodedly every opportunity, years of abuse. The parents are speechless, "He was a good friend, we would never have realized what he really did." Susanne says: He tied me to the bed with cable ties on his hands and feet and then he did sex with me. Another time, he held a knife to my neck and penetrated me and brutally. He choked me to unconsciousness, when I came to me I lay naked on the ground with severe pain in the anal area. I was completely helpless.

He came night after night - my beloved Grandpa .........!

Sina 11 years: I slept again in the holidays with Grandma and Grandpa. When Grandma slept, Grandpa came to me in the night. He began to fondle me and said I love you so much. He put his fingers in my vagina and it hurt terribly. He threatened me, if I would tell something or tell the grandma, he also does it with my little sister (2 years). I was terrified. Sina come already do not stand so, you want it, but if you do not return my love you little filthy slut you come to the home. Every night, he came to me, rubbing his limb to my butt until he came to orgasm. I had to satisfy Opa Oral and Anal. I am afraid of the stillness of the night, feel filthy, dirty and hated the old man who was my grandpa. After the holidays, I told my mom she was crying, her words were: Woe you go to the police and show Grandpa.

Only the wind makes the leaves of the trees whisper softly - you are doing what Papa says ......... ..!

I can not say exactly when I have simply pushed and forgotten a lot.
My brain I paused, was present only my body. I was on a rest area with my dad. He pulled me to the bushes, there he took off my panties and started stroking me between the thighs. I had a funny feeling. The fear was in my eyes. Do not worry my girl, I just show you how dear your daddy has. You have to be good and learn for life, do all the dads with their girls. He pressed into me and it hurt so much. He wanted more and more, different positions. Over 2 years went this nightmare. Every week I spent with my daddy at rest stops or in the park. The attacks became more violent, he struck me, treated me like his servant, I had to beg for sex and punches on my butt.

The motto must be: My body belongs to me - My own body is valuable.

Every child, every youngster has the right to protect an undamaged body. So-called "say no" courses are a first step and they are already offered in some social institutions such as schools or kindergartens. Violence prevention and physical exercises for children are not only sensible, but also urgently required on the basis of the reports, which are unfortunately increasing.

We all, as adults, bear the responsibility for the conditions in which our children grow up. Because of the shocking reports, it should be clear to everyone that it is up to us to be attentive, to look more closely. We can all do something by taking these things seriously and not closing our eyes.

When children are already victims, it is important to help them get out of their impotence and fear and to rebuild their self. This is unfortunately a long way and not infrequently a trauma exists. For more information on the subject, please visit:
Help phone - Sexual abuse:

Telephone number German: 0800-22 55 530 (free & anonymous)

If you can not find anyone to help you or

You just want to talk:

"Number against grief" German : 0800 111 0 333.

We would like to encourage affected children, young people and their relatives to break the silence and to get expert help and support. People who have suffered or suffered violence and abuse need therapeutic help.

Sexual abuse and violence has become sad everyday in our country. The perpetrators come partly with low proving penalties, the victims get lifetime.

We work together for minor violence and abuse. We want to strengthen children's rights and improve life situations. Affected persons need a trustworthy 1. starting point, information and valuable support, understanding and empathy.


We all can move something, together we can give strength and hope, to contribute specifically to the improvement of the situation of abuse victims.

Please help - please donate!

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