Tolerance - Children move our community

Refugee children and their families are people who have been expelled from their home countries for fear of political persecution, armed conflicts, terror and war.

Reasons for persecution:

Racism, religion, nationality or belonging to a particular social group.

These people are often traumatized and have experienced death, violence and bitter need.

They seek shelter and protection from fear of persecution.

Together in a happy and peaceful future

In Germany, families from war zones with their children hope for a life of peace and security.

Here social tolerance is required.

Tolerance means:

Respect, acceptance, equal treatment, equality of opportunity. It is a moral obligation and contributes to world peace.

According to the current estimate, more than one million refugees have come to Germany, including more than 300,000 children and minor youths - dark figures unknown.

Here, the human cohesion of our society is required, no one against each other but one for each other - to work together for a future without prejudice. Without tolerance there is no peace on earth, without peace no common future and democracy.

Our association accompanies and supports children from refugee families.
We want to give them a new beginning, living together, learning and working.