The association Schattenkinder e.V. has existed since 29.11.2001. We dedicate ourselves to the promotion and support of persons in need of care, especially children and young people with disabilities, without distinction to their religious affiliation, race and nationality. We want to strengthen children with special needs, promote their abilities and take them seriously. Children with a disability have the same right to belong to our society as all other people also.



We help children and adolescents with a disability or a rare genetic defect to special therapeutic possibilities:

Animal-assisted therapies

We meet the heart desires of our star children, strengthen traumatized children and their parents, accompany children and family members on the road to integration and inclusion.

Wir sind als gemeinnütziger Verein anerkannt und tun alles um dieses Vertrauen zu bestätigen.

We have done a lot, but we have a lot to go!


Shadow children e.V.

And while I looked at you so, I discovered all the wonderful imperfections on you, whose innumerable multitude make men as a whole as well as you in love just as lovable and so unique.


Life with a disabled child - is not always easy -

The path sometimes goes over rocks and rocks.

It is a laborious struggle for a little quality of life. Children with disabilities should not feel different. We want to help develop its strengths and deal with its weaknesses. We want to offer children with a disability a development opportunity, so that they can develop into an independent personality. Every affected child will find his own place in life. Even if handicapped children live in their own small world, they will always be part of our life-reality.

gene defect:

With the help of modern genetic diagnostics, research can indeed find pathogenic defects in the genotype, but this is often not enough for targeted treatment. For those affected, the way to the right diagnosis is often very long. Many are desperate and already have some treatments behind them, without which an exact diagnosis and therapy could be offered to them.

Trauma children:

Children are also exposed to traumatizing experiences as well as adult people. A strong trauma can be triggered by - accidents, catastrophes, war experiences, misuse, violence, sudden death of relatives, but also the separation from the person concerned and the habitual environment. A trauma has a negative impact on the biological, psychological and social development of a child, personality disorders, anxiety disorders, depression can be caused.

Last wish - Star children's final stage Cancer:

Grief can not be seen, can not hear, she can only feel. It is a fog, without outlines. One would like to grab this fog and push it forward, but the hand always reaches into the void. Go together the last way. Once again, do what dying children long for. Children at the end of their lives once again give the opportunity to experience what they have always done to see what their little child heart calls before it will stop beating. Sometimes it is only very small things that a dying child's heart longs for.

There are things in life ...!

There are things in life that you can not choose. There are things in life that you can not determine. There are things in life that come unexpected and hard. There are things in life that you have to take as they are. There are things in life that you can not change, but there are things in life where you never give up hope and it is worth fighting constantly.

Include the illusion of participation!

Equal opportunities worldwide is a human right!

What is not excluded in advance, does not have to be integrated afterwards. People do not help people if they do what they can do for themselves. Inclusion is a global challenge and an important issue for international development policy. Human rights apply equally to all. Everyone worldwide has the right to participate in the social life equally. Our goal - to make inclusion possible! Nature loves diversity. Why not people?

The path to inclusion:

"So far, it was important that everyone who is different has the same rights. In the future, it will be important that everyone has the same right to be different. "

In our society, every child should have the right to develop all his abilities in such a way that it is also possible for him later to be socially integrated and not to live on the margins of society. Normality means that handicapped and non-disabled children can play, learn and live together.

We must strive for a social community in which it is self-evident and common for ALL to live with PEOPLE in all their DIFFERENCES AND DISEASES, and to ACCEPT them in their "OTHER".

We are children of this world!

Our life is perhaps nothing but a drop, a grain of sand, a spark of stars.

But you can be so important at any moment

Make like the sea, the beach and the stars over it.